RIPNDIP streetwera is the brand founded in 2009 by skater Ryan O'Connor. The brand is the incarnation of the American dream, which is to start from the bottom to crare a big successful company. Ryan O'Connor, after landing in Los Angel, decided to start creating some T-shirts to give to his friends skater to wear during their stunts in the skate. Graphic t-shirts are always a bit ironic and unserious, after a while the T-Shirt starting to arouse interest even outside the world of skateboarding. O'Connor decides to create his own brand RIPNDIP and start producing more leaders.
Graphic T-Shirt RIPNDIP have a success so great as to transform the brand into a phenomenon in California and thanks to some appearances in magazines like Thrasher, depopulated world. After which the RIPNDIP brand is no longer limited to making T-Shirt, but adds to his collection shirts, jackets, hats, socks and accessories. The protaconista collections always stay and in any case the cat Lord Nermal.

35,00 €

RIPNDIP - Lord Nermal iPhone Case - Black IPhone Case of the legendary Lord cat Nermal

35,00 €

RIPNDIP - Lord Nermal iPhone Case - White IPhone Case of the legendary Lord cat Nermal

70,00 €

RIPNDIP - We Out Here - Pool Float We out Here Pool Flat 6 FT tall and 5 FT wide Instagram likes guaranteed Alien front on both side RIPNDIP Logo Megan Fay not Included!

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