In 1998 Nick Diamond its Hardwear Homemeda line for skateboarding in his home in San Francisco calling Diamond Supply Co. With the passage of time its line of products was a great success so that the seat of Brand was moved to Los Angeles, becoming increasingly popular skaters in the world with products of excellent workmanship and the perfect clothing line to allow all movements. Skaters in the Diamond Team were among the first in the world and some names are: Nyjah Huston, Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill.

In 2005, the brand began to be known in ogniparte the world and to be more and more established in the world of the Streetwear and Skate thanks to a collaboration with Nike SB. In fact, Nick Diamond collaborates with Nike SB perhaps producing one of Nike even more sought after by collectors today, the Nike Dunk SB Low Tiffany Diamond. To tell the truth in collaboration with Nike and Diamond was repeated in 2014 to produce the new Nike Dunk High SB Tiffany Diamond.

Now the Diamond Supply Co. brand is representative of streetwear culture and all 'inside of his vast collection there are: T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, jeans, backpacks, T-shirts and accessories.

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Diamond Supply Co. - Cappello Havyweight Mascot Snapback - Blu

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Diamond Supply Co. - Cappello Brilliant Snapback - Blu

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Diamond Supply Co. - Cappello Brilliant Beanie - Green

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Diamond Supply Co. - Cappello OG Script Snapback - Green

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