Sneaker Lab

The best for the care and cleanliness of your Snekers

Sneaker Lab provides you a chance to have at your disposal and at your house all that is needed to create a real laboratory for the care and cleaning of your sneakers. The product Sneaker Care created by Snaeker Lab for cleaning shoes is a patented formula, non-toxic and biodegradable, only to remove dirt with efficcacia. In the formula are natural elements and bacteria acting on a microscopic level without going to rovinere the material is leather or suede. To keep clean your sneakers, you can then apply the sneaker protector that creates an invisible barrier against dirt. Its formula has been tried and created to keep the 'original appearance of sneaker which it is applied.

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Sneaker Lab - Premium Shoe Care Kit Complete kit for cleaning Sneakers.1 Sneaker Cleaner 1 Oder Protector 1 Sneaker Protector 1 Premium Brush

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